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The Sourcefulness Academy has created several tools for you to get in touch with your inner Source, so you can start creating from there.

Please run through our menu and feel which flavour resonates best for you.


The Start-up program

Discover the amazing Source inside

A 2 week program of 6 Sourcefulness sessions (30-45 minutes) in which you connect to Source one-on-one with your trainer Simon da Soursa (through Skype).

After we have defined your current situation, we will together attune to Source. Here you find the creative solution to all of your problems and it is the doorway to amazing new opportunties.

As you are connected to Source, you have a clear sense of what it is that you really want to create for you and your business.

This Start-up program is a great tool to find out if running your business from Source resonates with you.

Price : you decide after the program !

Sourcefulness business manual (book)

‘The revolutionary manual for future business & management’, written bij Simon da Soursa will introduce you into the world of doing business from Source.

Summary & free preview available on the website of the book

Available as book & ebook Dutch, English, German, French, Danish and Portuguese.

Sourceful Business Sessions

Join this group of entrepreneurs that activates Source into their business & life for 3 times a week.

We meet for 30-40 minutes on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 9:00 am cet (check your time here) or at 8:00 pm cet (check your time here).

It is interesting to notice that your usual working day becomes more of a playing day with after these morning sessions. You will also notice how the presence of Source will benefit your business and your well being.

Usually your day will be a lot more effective and relaxed after a Sourceful Business Session.

Price: 65 euro per week / 165 euro per month / 465 euro per quarter / 1650 euro per year

1 on 1 Sourcefulness Session

Reconnect with your Source through one of these individual sessions with Simon da Soursa.

People use these sessions:

– to get through difficult business or personal blockages or situations

– to create new opportunities

– to expand your business or attract new clients

– to create clarity for what you really want

– or just to open up to your Source inside

Price: 95 euro/hour through skype or at the Sourcefulness Academy in Hoorn (The Netherlands).

On location: + 0,25/km from Hoorn.

Sourceful Sailing

This is a beautiful way to enjoy your Sourcefulness, combined with the action of sailing in the midst of nature and its elements.

A day of Sourceful sailing is wonderful for instance to feel into your new business ideas and make them come to life. We can also go into a personal or business situation, or simply enjoy the sailing while we really connect with Source.

We can either use the boat of The Sourcefulness Academy located in Hoorn (The Netherlands, NH), or we can rent a boat at a different location.


1 participant 375 euro including drinks & beverages on board. Each next participant is 100 euro extra.

Using the boat of Sourcefulness Academy is included. This is on open boat, type Sailhorse (max 4 students). Extra costs for using a different boat is for the student(s).

A day of Sourcefulness

An intensive day (10am – 17am) of reconnecting with Source, together with Simon da Soursa.

Use this day for anything you like from feeling into business ideas to solving personal issues.

We will choose a fitting location to spend this Sourceful day.

Prices include quality snacks, lunch & beverages

1 participant 495 euro. Every next participant is 150 euro extra.

Next scheduled event: Sourceful Breathing – online allowshow

Currently there is no online event scheduled

This allowshop is for those that want to

– align deeper with their inner creative Source

– go beyond the mind

– be able to express and create from a Source level

– overall improve their health and well being / reduce stress levels

The event consists of 2 elements

Element 1: the inward movement

As we go in, we atune to Source through Sourceful Breathing. Sourceful teacher Simon da Soursa will gently guide you in this beautiful inward experience.

Element 2: the outward movement

Once we are deeply attuned to Source, we start to express this divine awareness outward. In other words; you start to create and express yourself, from your deepest inner core. Here you know and feel what it is that you truly want. From this level of deep awareness, you also have the ability to manifest your deepest passions.

The 2 elements will alternate; Simon will feel in each moment what is needed; an inward or an outward movement of awareness.

Price: 75 euro / 95 dollar